Maze & Carnival Garden

Get lost in our 27 year old hedge maze.

Find all the clues in the maze hunt and win a prize!

Test your skills with old-time carnival games,  like:

– tennis ball target practise game,

– ‘return’ bowling,

– wind up horse racing,

– the amazing buzz test,

– horoscope spinning wheel and more…..

Stroll through the orchard, firewood lot and vegetable patch and flower cutting garden.

1 and 1/2 hours is a good time to allow to do the maze, complete the maze hunt and play the carnival games.

Beware – some of the paths in the maze are narrow and many pushers, prams, wheelie frames and wheelchairs have difficulty negotiating them. However we have small pushers available free of charge that can easily take the maze twists and turns. Other parts of the garden and cafe have wheelchair access. We apologise for this design fault.

Just one more thing: We don’t encourage picnics because we have a fully stocked cafe serving coffee, tea, milkshakes, light lunches etc. There are some great picnic spots nearby. Mt Franklin and Lake Daylesford to the north and St Georges Lake Cresiwck and Newlyn Reservoir to the south.

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And Note – Maze House is closed on extreme weather days and this will be posted on our website and facebook page.