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Maze & Carnival Garden

Maze House has a 30-year-old hedge maze set in a five-acre country carnival garden. It’s loads of outdoor fun and a must for kids, families and people of all ages!

Cost – $12 children 4 to 18 years, Children 3 years and under FREE. Adults $14 and concession $12

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Lots to do and play!

Negotiate the twists and turns in the maze and find all the clues in the maze hunt to win a prize!


Play Maze House’s original old time carnival games which are dotted throughout the garden, including:

  • Return Bowling – a humorous take on ten pin bowling

  • The popular Knock ‘Em Down moving target game (with tennis balls not bullets)

  • The Amazing Buzz Test – a steady hand is required not to cause an eruption!

  • Wind-Up Horse Racing Game – get behind Australia’s most famous race horses

  • Spin the Road Trip Wheel to find your next holiday destination!

  • A Queen-of-Cards castle

  • And not to forget Lawn Bowls, Hookey, Frisbee Tossing and much, much more!

There’s something for everyone!

Little kids love the thrill of the maze hunt, dressing up in the Queen of Cards castle and playing games hidden around every corner.

Not so little kids love this, as well as testing their skills on the many carnival games. As for couples and groups, who doesn’t like a bit of competition – there’s plenty of that here!

Garden lovers  enjoy strolling through the rambling property which boasts orchards, a vegetable patch, flower cutting garden, firewood lot, perennial borders and shady areas for relaxing. Indigenous native trees, shrubs and grasses are massed around the winter creek and in patches throughout the property.


Timing – 1 and 1/2 hours is a good time to allow to get lost in the maze, find maze hunt clues and play the carnival games.

Beware – paths in the maze are narrow and many prams, pushers, wheelie frames and wheel chairs have difficulty negotiating them. However we have small pushers for use free of charge that easily take the maze twists and turns. Other parts of the garden are wheel chair accessible. We apologise for this design fault.

Also – Maze House is an outdoor venue and can get wet under foot – sensible shoes are recommended.

And one more thing – we control numbers in the garden to maintain distancing and ensure there is enough space for everyone to enjoy the maze and carnival games. For this reason we don’t encourage picnics. See picnic spot suggestions


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